G5 Electronic Flight Instrument w/LPM
Primary Attitude Indicator for Certified Aircraft w/Lightning Protection Module

The G5 electronic flight instrument delivers exceptional performance, reliability
and east of installation as a drop-in replacement for primary attitude and/or
directional gyros in type-certificated fixed-wing aircraft. For select aircraft
equipped with G500 or G500 TXi, G5 can also be used as a standby flight
instrument to those systems. Providing an economical upgrade path via
a comprehensive approved model list (AML), the compact and cost-effective
G5 is bringing modern “glass cockpit” reference to thousands of aircraft
that would otherwise depend on older, vacuum-driven equipment.

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GI 275 Base Variant

The GI 275 Base Variant can be configured as CDI, MFD, or EIS. When replacing
an older mechanical CDI or HSI, the GI 275 doubles as a modern digital
indicator and adds MFD-like capabilities such as a moving map, weather, traffic,
and terrain.

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GTX 335 w/ WAAS Transponder/ADS-B Out

For aircraft operators looking to satisfy the ADS-B “Out” equipage rules
as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, the Garmin GTX 335 ES transponder
offers the ideal one-box, one-swap solution. It’s optionally available with
a built-in WAAS GPS position source¹ – so everything needed to meet
compliance standards for a certified ADS-B “Out” solution can be provided
with this simple all-in-one package installation.

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GTR 225 Com Radio

Let the versatile GTR 225 Comm radio reduce the amount of work you
do in the cockpit. Not only does the GTR 225 meet the basic needs
of most pilots – but features a number of advanced features
that save you time and effort.

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GSB 15 USB Port

Add USB Power and Charging to your Aircraft. Choose up to 27 watts of
charging power per port with dual USB Type-C or USB Type-A/Type-C or up to
18 watts of charging power per port with dual USB Type-A model.

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