Precision Heli-Support LLC received FAA Approval for an ADS-B Solution for the MD Helicopters

Applicable Aircraft: MD Helicopters 369HE/HS/HM/D/E/F/FF

System Description: Fastest way to become FAA ADS-B Out compliant (January 1st, 2020). Perform a simple software upgrade to the existing Garmin GTX 33H/33DH or GTX330/330D Transponders if interfaced with an existing Garmin GNS (WAAS) or GTN series GPS.

  •  Remove the existing Garmin GTX 33/330 Transponder, send to Precision Heli-Support for ES software upgrade per information specified in the STC installation data.
  •  Only requires (1) RS-232 wire installed (if not already installed) between existing Garmin GNS (WAAS)/GTN series GPS to transponder.
  •  Existing GPS antenna installed either on the aircraft Engine Inlet Fairing or Boomfairing regions

See the system listed under the STC’s that Precision offers.