Diamond J, Inc. TOT Indicator (369FF)
Price: See Precision Heli-Support, LLC Price List
Applicability: MD Helicopters 369FF
Estimated Installation Hours: less than 8 hrs
P/N: 61001-147-KIT

The Diamond J, Inc. TOT indicator replaces the MD Helicopters TOT indicator with a digital/analog indicator that has exceedance monitoring.

  • Standard indicator size. Mounts utilizing either a clamp or bezel.
  • The indicator is a digital with analog and digital displays that are more accurate with a higher resolution and provides exceedance monitoring
  • The indicator does not require re-calibration or circuit resistance adjustment at any time
  • Potential over-temperature event: To warn the pilot of a potential over-temperature
  • Actual over-temperature event: To alert the pilot of an over-temperature event
  • Reminder of recorded over-temperature event: After an over-temp event has occurred
  • May utilize the existing thermocouple wires if found acceptable for continued use
  • White backlighting


FAA STC Certificate