Freeflight Radar Altimeter System
Price: See Precision Heli-Support, LLC Price List
Applicability: MD Helicopters 369HE/HM/HS/D/E/FF, 500N, & 600N
Estimated Installation Hours: 20-24
P/N: PH36900223-01

The Radar Altimeter System is designed to provide altitude above ground level (AGL) data to the RAD-40 Indicator. Optional to install the FTG-410 Tone Generator which will provide the pilot an audible warning indication at a preselected decision height.

ATTENTION:  The FAA has mandated that a Radar Altimeter System be installed on all commuter and on-demand rotorcraft by April 24th, 2017.

  • The indicator is located in the aircraft instrument panel
  • Antenna housings are located on the belly of the aircraft underneath the engine compartment
  • Receiver/Transceiver and Tone Generator are located on the shelf assembly within the right hand footwell of the aircraft


FAA STC Certificate